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Reimbursement Analysis Details:

  • Detailed patient benefit analysis on Dermavest® and Plurivest® reimbursement

  • Pre-determinations or prior authorization initiated for the patient insurance plan

  • Answer any questions related to Medicare policy and documentation

  • Explain patient benefits and any out-of pocket expectations (copays, co-insurance, secondary, deductible, out-of-pocket max’s and caps)

  • Explain provider reimbursement expectations

  • Follow up and communication to educate regarding appropriate coding and billing

  • Offer advice and assist the office in obtaining any mandatory documents necessary for pre- determinations/prior authorizations

  • In the event of denial, assist with appeal process and related documents

  • Review of claims necessary to capture optimal reimbursement

  • Assist with copay foundation eligible patients and required document submission

Product Codes Assigned to Device:

Both Dermavest and Plurivest have been given the unique code Q4153 under the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) from the Center for Medicare Services (CMS). Q4153 is used in conjunction with the procedural codes 15271-15278 for the application of skin substitutes.

AediCell-reimbursement-codes-1024x510 (1).png

Download, fill and fax this benefits analysis form to commit our reimbursement consultants to determine Q4153 benefits for any and all patients.