Dermavest® delivers wound treatment with highly effective outcomes. Our regenerative medicine product is developed in a unique proprietary process to transform human tissue into biologics for therapy.


Dermavest is a shelf-stable product with a four-year room temperature life. Easy to use and highly powerful, each wound treatment is capable of spreading to cover more area. Plus, Dermavest can be molded to fit deep and tunneled wounds, maintaining contact with the wound bed without floating off.

Less Expensive. Highly Effective.

Not only does Dermavest deliver wound therapy with remarkable outcomes, but it is available at a lower cost to the healthcare system. We use rapid, advanced product development and manufacturing techniques to ensure Dermavest is both functional and affordable.


Choose a wound care product that saves you time and money while providing your patient with an advancement in regenerative medicine. Choose Dermavest.

Cytokine/GF concentration values (pg/mg) for amnion and amnion/chorion layer analyzed from samples as cited by Koob TJ, Lim JJ, Zabek N, Massee M. 2015. Cytokines in single layer amnion allografts compared to multilayer amnion/chorion allografts for wound healing. J Biomed Mater Res Part B 2015:103B:1133-1140. The Dermavest, amnion and amnion/chorion samples were all measured with multiplex ELISA arrays (RayBiotech, Inc.). All testing and cytokine/GF analyses for Dermavest, amnion and amnion/chorion samples were performed by the independent CROP, Ray-Biotech, Norcross, GA using, assumedly, the same standard Ray-Biotech extraction and testing protocols. The density of dehydrated amnion layer (,g/cm2) that is used to translate cytokine/GF concentration on a mass basis (pg/mg) to an area basis (pg/cm2) is conservatively drawn from non-processed membrane values in: Halaburt JT et al. The concentration of collagen and the collagenolytic activity in the amnion and the chorion. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, 1989,31:75-82.

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