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Products That Deliver on All Needs

Aedicell® products have been designed to meet the needs of providers and patients. 

Icon Benefit Safe


  • Manufactured at tissue bank with 25 years experience
  • Every lot tested for biocompatibility
  • FDA inspected
  • Normal, healthy full term pregnancies
Icon Benefit Effective


  • 4 to 5X the tissue per cm
  • Exposed surface area enables cell migration
  • More growth factors
Icon Benefit Easy

Easy to Use

  • Three year room temperature shelf life
  • Shelf stable particulate pressed into contiguous sheet
  • Spreads to cover over two times its listed size
  • Can be molded to fit deep and tunneled wounds
  • Maintains contact with the wound bed and does not float off
Icon Benefit Cost

Reduces Costs

  • Savings of up to 50 percent